Welcome to Ms. Dorst's Class

  • Shiela Dorst                 Sheila Dorst



    Good morning!  Today is Talent Show Tuesday!  Think of something that you do really well, a "talent" that you have.  This can be in any area, whether it is a subject in school, an artistic talent, a sport, anything!  Each of you is special, let's celebrate our unique abilities!  Make sure that you are doing iReady or IL from 9-9:30 today, then join us in our ZOOM meeting at 9:30.  See you there! 



    Welcome to my Wonderful Summer School Students!  It's Music Monday!  

    I am a 3rd grade teacher at Madison Elementary.  The coming year will be my fourth year in 3rd grade; I have also taught 5th grade and kindergarten.  I have been teaching for 19 years, and I love working with students!  You bring such wonder and creativity to learning, that I often feel  like I am the student, and you the teachers!  I hope together we can explore new ways of learning through our Summer Experience.  

    I will use this website as a source of information throughout the summer.  On the website, you can also find links to some of our commonly used websites.  One of those links will be to our Google Classroom, where you can post questions and comments.  Another link will take you to our Padlets, where you will do assignments at different times.  I look forward to our adventure!