Welcome to Ms. Seamon's Class

  • Friday May 6, 2020

    Dear Parents, Students, and Guardians- Thank-you to all my students who have connected with me in the past 7 weeks. I appreciate your perseverance with regard to the different ways teachers are setting up work and communicating. Thank you for the kind words and notes that came in this week! Here is a brief summary of where my classes are.

    1) For the last weeks of March and all of May the work assigned was in Google classroom ( I will accept this work until late May)

    2) I switched to Canvas at the end of April. Beginning Monday of this week, a weekly assignment is put in Canvas and the work is to be turned in by Friday of each week. This gives students five days to complete the assignment. The Module is Unit 4 - Humor. The assignments are numbered 1-4. Students will need to use Springboard online for the reading, unless there is another direction.

    3) Additionally, I have set up one Zoom meeting per week with each class. Periods 1/2 - 11:am Wednesdays. Periods 4/5- 11:00 am Thursdays. Periods 6/7 2:00 pm Thursdays. Students access the meeting code using Canvas- they must sign in- click Zoom- click invite. Students must enter with audio and video on so I can verify their identity and then they may make a change.

    4) Attendance/Engagement- every Wednesday I mark a Y or N ( yes or no) This reflects participation fo the past 5 days. If you handed in work or came to a Zoom meeting or both this indicates participation. 

    I was really excited to have so many students check in with me this week- the meetings are generally 20-30 minutes long and we review the work, talk about it and check-in. Please continue to come to these meetings!

    Have a nice weekend- Ms. Seamon