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    October 2018
    Dear Parents, Students and Guardians- It is time for an October update. Students and staff have settled in for another year. In English class, all students are currently writing a short story using the Hero's journey archetype as a guide. I have been teaching all classes the different parts of speech (noun, verb, adverb, etc.) and students can now diagram sentences. We will pick this up again next week as we move on to the correct use of pronouns. The next book report is based on a memoir, biography or autobiography - the book report is blue. ( Last month's was yellow) Students have also used the on-line Naviance system to create personal goals for the 2018/2019 school year. Recently, they also took the Healthy Youth Survey in history class. Student led conferences will be held Nov 5-9. Most students are conferencing with their first period teachers. Some students will be conferencing with an overflow teacher who is not their first period teacher. Student Success time is now available to students. It is Tuesday and Thursday for one hour after school. Students need a teacher to recommend and sign them up for this after school activity. All in all, the students are working hard and it is a pleasure to greet them every day. Ms. Seamon