Welcome to Ms. Seamon's Class

  • logo Dear Parents, Students and Guardians-  Hello. I write this note to direct you to the resources available to the student during the school closure. I previously sent an email with 6 weeks worth of work. If you did not receive that, please let me know. Additionally, many students took a picture of the list before we closed. Here it is again:
    1. Complete notes for the argumentative essay- white packet
    2. Write the essay in Google Classroom. The assignment is in each class. I will be available for feedback during this time. PLease review the TLQCC format in your notebook to properly embed the quotes.
    3. Read three books. Write a brief summary of each one.
    4. Create a video like we did in class. It can be a poem, anecdote, or short story (under 250 words). Please include text, visuals, audio- one to three tracks.
    5. Access Zinc weekly- please read one non-fiction article weekly. Play the vocabulary games and take a quiz.
    Google classroom is accessed through student tabs on the Heatherwood Website. All students have used it multiple times this year so I am keeping the code private. Email me if you have problems accessing this.
    Springboard is accessed in the same way - from student tabs on the Heatherwood web page. Zinc is an application within Springboard. There are unlimited reading materials here!
    Wevideo- this link is current on the Canvas class page. Click the link and you have full access. Do not use the free versions on the internet. Going through this process will keep your child's information secure. 
    Good luck and stay in touch! Ms Seamon
    March 26- Update: I will be extending the completion date for the Argumentative Essay. Previously the due date was March 31st. If I leave the date the same then many students will have the assignment tagged late. Therefore the due date is now April 3, 2020. Please encourage your student to use all the resources provided - both paper and digitally. I will be checking Google Classroom regularly and can assist and help there. When a student comments it also pops up in email so I can see it there as well. The goal for the next week is to complete the paper. Thank-you and good luck!
     March 30 - Update. I have checked Google Classroom and 9 of 82 students have turned in the argumentative essay.
    In addition to the white packet, Springboard Lesson 2.17will walk a student through the writing process. PLease continue to work on the essay every day this week with the goal of finishing Friday. If you see this message, please confirm by sending me a personal hello to my school email. (aseamon@everettsd.org) I will check my email several times a day to assist with the writing process and answer any questions that pop up. Be well, Ms Seamon