Welcome to Mrs. Coffman's Art Program

    Allen Dodds Jillian Sistrunk Cole Wallace
    Dear Students & Families,

                I want to thank you for all the hard work and creativity you have shown this semester. I know it has been difficult learning from home and creating your own art with limited supplies- especially in our challenging times of our Black Lives Matter Movement, and the Covid Pandemic. I want you to know that I appreciate all of your work, your email check ins, and your persistence during this time. You, your artwork, and your kind words always make me feel hopeful. Parents and guardians thank you for your patience and support during this time. 

                I also want you to know that I support Black Lives Matter and believe that the diversity of Heatherwood and the diversity in our art classes is what makes them so special, so creative and so meaningful. This year, in each class, we spent time talking about multicultural art and learning about different cultures in order to understand the world a little better, and to participate in our Heatherwood Multicultural Night. This is only a beginning.

                 8th grade art students also participated in the art contest, Prodigies for Peace where students created artwork that showed how Martin Luther King Jr.’s Dream could come true in our world. We had three Heatherwood MS winners, Allen Dodds, Jillian Sistrunk and Cole Wallace. Please see their artwork above, as well as on the Heatherwood website. This is an art contest that is sponsored by the city of Everett, the NAACP, and the Everett School District. This is the 7th year Heatherwood students have participated in this art contest.

                I am telling you this, because I want you to understand how important it is for me to celebrate diversity, to talk with students about racial inequality, and for our students and teachers to appreciate and respect each other. I also believe that art can be very powerful, and that as artists we have the responsibility to educate people about important ideas and issues in this world through our art. I hope all of you will continue to make art that shows how you feel and communicates your message, and that you will notice and appreciate the art and messages of others. 

                While I am still learning how to be the best teacher I can be, I want you all to know that I am here for all of you if you need me, even if you are not in my class, or if you are going off to high school or you are a parent. Call me, send me an email, or come visit me next year. I am here for you.


    I wish you all equality, safety, health, happiness and love.


    Thank You,

    The Heatherwood Art Program:
    6th Grade Art (Introduction to Art, 1 semester)
    Art 1 (Intermediate Art, 1 semester)
    Art 2 (Advanced Art, whole year)