• Special update during March /April 2020 school-closures due to the COVID-19 virus.
    Thanks for checking in!
    Hopefully you have received an e-mail from me and your student should lhave received one also.  If not please drop me a note with the best contact information for you, especially if you have changed e-mail recently.  I will try to send out a weekly group e-mail to all parents / guardians and students (via their Office 365/Outlook accounts).  My goal is to send information about the coming week on Sunday night so you can be ready and make a plan for your week. 
    One way you can help me this year is to ask your student to check in with me each week to let me know how things are going at home, and to ask any questions they might have.  All my class assignments will be shared via the Google Classroom site and should be easy to access once you are able to get connected.  Please let me know if you have any issues or need individual help.  I am glad to reach out and do that--don't be shy!
    This is a great time to revamp and update each Science Notebook.  That includes things like making a nice illustrated cover, organizing the table of contents, organizing and completing definitions and illustrations and examples for the Master Vocabulary List.  ( I will post it on Google Classroom so you can see if you are up-to-date)
    Sharing notebooks with an adult:  During the regular school year we use the notebook everyday--to record notes, take and record data from lab investigations, and reflect in writing on our learning as it progresses. Once a month (at a minimum) I ask you to sign off on the "Adult Input Page" at the back of the Science Notebook.  Your signature just shows me that you completed this activity with your student.  Ask them to show it to you and share what they have been learning in class.
    Work in the notebook should make sense to you and be easy to follow.  If it doesn't, ask your student to put in the work required to make sense.  There should be no blanks, empty pages, partial answers or incomplete work.  There may be times when your student is absent that they may need to get information from a classmate or to check in with me to complete missing work.  This time when we are not meeting face-to-face may take some creative solutions, but we all have time on our hands to try out some new ways to work together at a distance.
    Thanks for your  help on this!
    Stay safe and well and keep in touch!
    Mr. Margason
    Kids need help sometimes...