Emergency Closures - Contacts and Information

  •  The Public Schools Emergency Communications System (PSECS) Web site provides a report of school schedule changes due to adverse weather conditions and other emergency situations. You can go to this site at any time to see if Everett Schools are operating on a normal schedule.


    In case of inclement weather or other emergencies, please either:


    • Listen for media announcements.
    • Call the district information line at 425-385-4636.
    • View PSECS's Web site (linked above) at www.schoolreport.org -- scroll to "Member Districts" and "Everett SD" will appear in red if we are on delay or closure (in alphabetical order).


    No announcement means normal operations!

    We are not allowed to use the emergency notification system to report normal operations. Announcements are for one day only. Please do not call schools, the administration office, or radio stations about school closures. We try to notify the media of changes before 5:30 a.m. You may also subscribe to PSECS notification with your e-mail address to receive emergency notices specific to the district.


    District Link for more emergency information on snow bus routes, contacts, early dismissal.