• Counseling Center

    Hours: 7:00am-2:30pm
    Secretary: Kathy Dinwiddie 425-385-4410

    Welcome to the Everett High School Counseling Center!

    Everett High School Counselors work with students to help them select courses, monitor their progress, create graduation plans, explore interests and career options,and make college plans. Students are assigned to counselor by the first letter of their last name.



    Contact Information

    Student Caseload

    Lillian Ortiz-Self

    425-385-4422 | lortiz-Self@everettsd.org

    A - E

    Pam Piatz

    425-385-4423 | ppiatz@everettsd.org


    Kendall Berry

    425-385-4420 | kberry@everettsd.org


    Gretchen Stiger425-385-4421 | gstiger@everettsd.org

    Sim - Z


    Additional services available in the Everett High School Counseling Department

    School psychologist: Pam Parker, pparker@everettsd.org (425)385-4424, works with students who are receiving special education services and have an individualized education program.

    On Time Graduation Success Coordinator: Courtney Schrader, cschrader@everettsd.org(425)385-4430, works with students who are off track for graduation because of credits. She helps them create and follow a plan to help them graduate on time. Click here to see a EHS Graduation Plan form.

    On Time Graduation Success Coordinator for HSPE: Dayna Weir, dweir@everettsd.org (425) 385-4487. Ms.Weir provides students and families with assistance on meeting Washington State assessment requirements, including the new High School Proficiency Exam (HSPE), the End of Course Exams (EOC), College Entrance Exams and Collection of Evidence (COE). View the Office of Superintendent's Assessment / Testing Home page for current state requirements http://www.k12.wa.us/assessment/StateTesting/default.aspx.


    Support CenterSuccess Coordinator: Roghieh "Zari" Hajisoltani, rhajisoltani@everettsd.org (425)-385-4437coordinates the Everett High School Support Center program to help students who are struggling academically. Students will be assigned to participate in this program by teacher referrals.

    Substance Abuse Intervention Specialist: Shawna Clark, sclark@everettsd.org (425)-385-4425, works with students around substance abuse-related issues. Click here to see more information about Substance Abuse intervention.


    Everett High Counseling Department


    The Counseling Department ensures that every student has equitable access to quality educational opportunities in a safe and caring environment.

    Commitment Statement

    To achieve our vision, this year the Counseling Department is committed to targeting interventions based on data and reallocation of resources.

    We will do this by completing the following strategic actions:

    -Re-establish regularly scheduled counseling department meetings (share resources, solutions, procedures, goals, progress and data)

    - Utilizing more in-depth data analysis for targeted interventions.

    - Re-allocation of job duties and caseloads.


    The Counseling Department will evaluate our success by:

    - Documentation of regular meetings