• Chrystal Holley Greetings!

    I am an Occupational Therapist. I have been working with the Everett School District since January 2003. My professional experience includes working in a variety of settings covering the full continuum of ages and developmental stages.
    My motto is to travel light and I like to make therapy time = fun time.
    March 2018 ~ Learning new features for technology so everyone can benefit!
    * Accessibility in Chromebook and Google Drive: Open a Google Document, on the Top Toolbar select "Add-On" and search  
    1. text to speech for READER: a free download that allows you to highlight text and have it read aloud. USE to help read books online or for further editing from #3. 
    2. Kaizena for Kaizena (Voice Comments): a free download that allows you to make audio and text comments on shared google documents.
    3. speech to text for Microphone: free download that allows you to dictate by speaking into the google document.
    Remember= use two fingers on the in-board mouse to 'scroll down' on the screen and that many tools come with video tutorials for help. I prefer to use the external wireless mouse, it's inexpensive and portable for plug-in use with Chromebooks. Next goal is to find the comfy headphones so everyone isn't listening with me!
    Please share these tips with parents, students, teachers and therapist, so we can all work smarter, not harder, together and make learning FUN!

    I think we all learn best during play!
    (425) 385-7352 or 385-6863