• Sequoia High School is built on three major principles: personalizing, performance, and choice. Photo of school

    A high school of 225+ students, Sequoia offers a personal, family-like learning environment where students and their teacher-colleagues work side-by-side on a first-name basis, to the single goal of empowering the individual student with a meaningful education. Students are assigned to advisory class where teachers work with them as a team. Advisory teachers review individual student progress regularly. Knowledge of student learning styles and close professional relationships between teachers and students develop as students work with the same teacher for their entire stay at Sequoia.

    Sequoia Award Our second organizational principle concerns student performance. Students work to gain mastery of learning at their own pace. One student may complete an algebra course in less than a year; another will take longer. As a school, we have implemented Success Time, to support all students in graduating and accessing a post high school plan.  Students graduate when they have completed their course work and can demonstrate mastery of important skills. Individual graduation parades occur throughout the school year when each student is ready to be graduated.  You can experience a graduation parade by clicking here.

    Finally, Sequoia is a school of choice. Students give up the broad course offerings and extracurricular activities of a traditional school for this more personal, individualized approach. Each student formally "chooses" the school, agrees to work hard each day and support the principles of the school; each parent agrees to actively support the student's serious efforts; and the school pledges an education which will allow students to thrive in a changing world.
    Our ultimate goal is to support each student in earning their high school diploma with the skills ready for college and career.  I encourage you to read the Everett Herald article and video from June 30, 2013 to learn more about our school.   http://heraldnet.com/article/20130630/NEWS01/706309955.  You can also check out our Twitter Photo of the day for 2015-2016 here.   In this link you will hear from a graduate about his experiences at Sequoia.  You can follow us on Twitter @Sequoia_HS or on Facebook.
    We look forward to working with each student and family. 
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