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    Carla Barton

    Monday, March 16, 2020


    Dear Parents/Guardians/Students,


              Re:  Continued School Plan for English 1 at Heatherwood


    I will be available by email during our school closure: cbarton@everettsd.org 

    English 1 students have several activities to work on while our building is closed.  I shared this information with students in class last week.  I have also emailed this information to all students and parents/guardians. Do not hesitate to reach out if you have questions or need more information.

      Here are activities for English 1 students to stay engaged while school is closed:


    1. Students should continue planning and drafting their argumentative essays.   We spent a lot of time at school the week before the closure working on our essays.  I STRONGLY encourage students to continue working on this essay this first week of school closure.   You have momentum now with this essay so continue working on it and finish your final draft as soon as possible.   Remember:  Good writing takes time. Share your final draft with Ms. Barton on Google Docs or bring in a hard copy of your final draft when we return to school.  Once we return to school, we will do a format review along with peer feedback.  Students will then have time to edit/revise and the final essay will be due soon after.  STUDENTS:  If you have questions about your essay or would like me to give you any feedback, be sure to email me.   
    2. Works Cited Page – try using EasyBib to create your Works Cited page for your argumentative essay. Remember – the Works Cited should be a separate, last page of your essay.  Once you access Easy Bib, simply paste the URL of any source you used into the application and the proper citation should be created for you.  If you do not have access to Easy Bib (or if you prefer not to use it), please look at the two online entries in the Bibliography of your Tim Burton Essay – they are proper MLA formatting/content for online sources. 
    3. Grammarflip – Since the start of semester 2, we have had 4 online lessons due each week.  Continue working at your own pace on this regular English 1 homework.   If you stay on schedule, you should complete all of Level 2 by April 27.  Students should complete as many lessons as possible during our 6 week safety break.    AND, please work ahead . . .  All of Level 3 will be due by the end of the semester so this would be a GREAT time to work ahead.  No completion grades will be entered until we return to school BUT use this time to "get ahead" on our regular homework.  If you have questions about Grammarflip, be sure to email me.  Reminder:  ALL PARTS OF ALL LESSONS (INCLUDING THE WRITING APPLICATION) SHOULD BE COMPLETED.
    4. Each student has independent reading homework to complete.   The requirement for this semester is 6 books (from a variety of genres).   ALL STUDENTS should have had their first book read and an independent reading flipgrid video done by Monday, Feb. 24, 2020 (with a style analysis paragraph submitted with the video).  While school is closed, continue your independent reading focusing on genres listed on your BINGO card.  Since independent reading is our consistent, regular homework for this class, this time away from school is a gift for your to get caught up and ahead.  Enjoy this gift of time to read and complete your independent reading flipgrid videos (and style analysis paragraphs) as soon as you can.   Ms. B will be reading style analysis paragraphs and giving you feedback on your videos (look for an email sent to you right from flipgrid).  Grades for videos will not be entered until we return to school.   Reminder:  If you submit your style analysis online, BE SURE TO INCLUDE your first and last name, the title of the book, and the genre of the book on the submission.
    5. Our flipgrid video codes are:  English A – barton5374             English B – barton6472           English C – barton8756
    6. Once we return to school and get settled back into our routine, Ms. B will be scheduling a Springboard Unit 1 and 2 Vocabulary Test.  Feel free to go on ZINC and to review and practice your definitions for all of our Springboard Unit 1 and 2 vocabulary.   You will have time to study for this test after we return to school but reviewing your vocabulary now would help make your studying later much easier.  

     No new instruction will be delivered until we return to regular classes.   I have provided links to our grammarflip homework schedule AND to the directions for our independent reading videos (see the top of this page). 


    Be well,


    Carla Barton

    English 1 Teacher




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