Welcome to Our School

  • Welcome to an amazing school community. Since it opened its doors in the fall of 1991 Cedar Wood has been known for quality teaching, strong student achievement and active parent involvement. Visitors can feel the positive climate as they walk through the school doors.

    Whether you are just checking out our extensive web site or joining the school as a new family, we welcome you. We have much to share, and much for which we have a right to be proud. Cedar Wood students rank as some of the most proficient on state assessments. Cedar Wood staff are frequently called upon to lead district and regional training for other educators. Our parent community is actively involved in supporting our many programs.

    At Cedar Wood there is well earned pride for the ways students, staff and parents work together to support student learning. This takes hard work and careful attention to long-term goals. It takes knowing each child well and continually adjusting the balance of challenge and success. It takes working together to provide a safe, enriching and rewarding school day, each day. With these elements in place, Cedar Wood will continue to serve the children in this neighborhood for many years to come.

    We sincerely welcome and encourage you to connect with our school community. Come contribute to our shared mission of raising young children prepared for future success and to contribute positively to our world.

    -- David Jones, Principal