Welcome to another fantastic P.E. year!

  • Mrs. Bence Teaching elementary students about fitness and physical education has been a life long passion.  I have been an elementary P.E. teacher for  the Everett School District for over 24 years.  My own education includes an undergraduate and Master's degree in Physical Education from  the University of Washington. (Go Dawgs!)
    Silver Lake Elementary has a job share or team approach to teaching P.E. classes.  Mrs. Frolander and I have been sharing the P.E. position for over 14 years. My work days are Wednesdays and Fridays. 

    The focus of Everett School District's physical education program is LIFETIME FITNESS.  Our P.E. curriculum utilizes Focused Fitness as students learn about the five components of fitness and nutrition as it relates to food and fitness.  Units and lessons involve learning: for academic fitness and health content, fitness testing measurements with practice towards form and improvement, and then development motor and movement activities.  The purpose is to enhance the motor, cognitive, emotional and physical development of participating students and encourage enjoyment of moving and finding individual success in the process. 

    I am excited to have your child in my P.E. class this year. And, I truly look forward to a another great year of fitness and fun!  During the year, please contact me if you have any questions, or you would like to communicate some information about your child.  
    Silver Lake Elementary
    425-385-6977 (gym office)