Welcome to Ms. LaRoche's Class

  • Ms. LaRoche During this time of school closure I have posted great learning links for your child's growth and review of the Kindergarten learning requirements.These can be used in addition to the packet sent home on March 13th. It is helpful to set up a daily schedule to continue learning structure and provide students with the security of routine. Ask your student to tell you what their daily schedule was before school closure. It is fun to include baking and cooking together, outdoor playtime, and even chore responsibilities. My goal is to send you weekly or bi-weekly updates and other communication. I would love to hear from your student via e-mail and this will also provide continued learning with sentence structure using a capital first letter, spaces between words, and ending punctuation. It will be a fun way to keep in touch during this long time away. In the blog you'll find answers to common questions asked and interesting information to share.

    Wishing you enjoyable and healthy days ahead,
    Ms. LaRoche
    Please e-mail me if you have any questions or concerns about your child.

    Pamella LaRoche