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    Everett Public Schools is putting research into best practices to good use by selecting quality instructional materials, training in research-based instructional strategies and approaching course and assessment design with each student in mind.

    The Curriculum Portal is a resource available to all teachers in Everett Public Schools. Historically the Curriculum Portal has been accessed through the website to Docushare files, however starting in the 2018-19 school year, the district began migrating Curriculum Portal resources from DocuShare to the Canvas LMS environment.

    With the intention to phase out use of Docushare as the home for the Curriculum Portal, as of September 2019, Canvas is organized so all Curriculum Portal resources can be accessed via Canvas - the resources have either been directly placed into Canvas, or Canvas includes links to the appropriate content-specific folders in Docushare.


    Please use Canvas to access the district's Curriculum Portal. 

    If you are a staff member who needs access, please request by emailing