• Students enrolled in Career Choices should go to the Career Choices page and find the information you need. I will need to sign you into the Class in order for you to be able to sign into the curriculum. If you are not able to sign in with your Everett SD outlook email and your school id number please email me at jbarhanovich@everettsd.org to let me know. We do not communicate on a daily or weekly basis. This is a self directed course so if you have questions please email me.

    There are 5 units that you need to work on and 10 total quizzes in the curriculum.  A score of 60% is a passing score on each quiz however in order to earn an additional .5 credit for this class you will need to average 75% on all your quizzes.


    If you enrolled in Work Experience you need to find the work experience packet. You need to fill out the packet and return it to me in order to starting earning credit. Once your packet is sent to me or brought back to school, you can start sending me copies of your pay stubs/direct deposit checks so you can starting earning your credit. Every 180 hours worked is a .5 credit at school. We will not meet on a daily or weekly basis. If you have questions please let me know.