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    Hello View Ridge Families:

    Thank you so much for your understanding, support and patience during this journey as we navigate together through this time. I am looking forward to providing online learning supports and accommodations. Please encourage your student to read, write, and complete iReady lessons in reading and math just as they would if they were in their own classroom. 

    This website will provide you with some links to resources, support, and information. As I work to develop and locate more resources for engaging in learning during the school closure. I will post them here or provide more information as to where to access them.  Feel free to do as much as you and your family would like with these resources. They are meant to be a support and to keep our students engaged in learning, not to be an extra burden.

    If your student's IEP and/or re-evaluations are due during this closure, I will be connecting with you personally about next steps.

    The best way to reach me is through email, cfernandez@everettsd.org. I check my email on a regular basis. I will be communicating with families throughout this time, so don't hesitate to reach out. 


    Cheryl Fernandez

    Resource Room Teacher