Summer Reading

  • The reading skills of students who don’t read over the summer “slide” backwards. When school starts in the fall, students who don’t read over the summer don’t do as well in class as those who have read even as few as four books.
    Take the word of James Kim of the Harvard Graduate School of Education. He found that regardless of family income, the effect of reading four to five books over the summer was large enough to stop a decline in reading achievement scores from spring to fall. “If you don’t use it, you lose it.”
    This summer:
    • Check out library books from your school library, Everett Public Library, and Sno-Isle Libraries
    • Set a summer reading goal
    • Keep track of the books you read
    • When you go places take a book with you
    • Watch for summer events with stories – plays in the park, author visits, poetry readings, concerts (songs tell stories, too).


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