• Livingston

    Hello 4th graders!  

    Updated 3/29/20 
    I wanted to update you on a few changes to how we are going to proceed this week.  Although I don't include it, make sure you build in fun break times for your students. The goal is not to have the kids working for 6 hours straight, but to provide enough material to help engage their brains and prepare them for 5th grade.  
    In google classroom, there will be assignments posted daily.  The assignments will be posted under the day they are assigned. Most of the work is something that your student should be able to complete the same day.  If they need additional time, please make sure they know to take it.    There will be a math and reading assignment each day. There will be two science assignments this week, in addition to an art project! We will also keep doing our question of the day, This Week I slide show and a read aloud!  Please remind your students that the work they are doing in google classroom is the same as if they were doing it in class. They need to complete the work at a 4th grade level which means using complete sentences and using correct capitalization and punctuation. Students also need to make sure they are answering all parts of the questions being asked and meeting the requirements of the prompts given.  
    Here is the break down!
    *iReady- 45 minutes per week.
    *Daily assignments will be posted in google classroom and assigned in Khan Academy.  All of the directions will be in google classroom on a daily basis for what to do. I will be able to monitor student progress through Khan Academy and assign additional work if I think your student needs it.  
    *iReady- 45 minutes per week
    *Daily assignments will be posted in google classroom. The assignments will all involve the green Reach book that students should have already been reading from.  This week, students will be asked to complete the work and turn it in through google classroom so they can receive feedback from me.  
    *There will be two science assignments this week. They will be posted on Monday and Wednesday. The first assignment is to watch a video about the phases of matter (solid, liquid and gas) by Bill Nye the Science Guy. The second is an experiment that will help to prep them for an awesome science project that involves inventing a new ice cream flavor and designing a way to deliver it without it melting.
    *3D Hands art project.  This will be posted on Monday and is due anytime in the next two weeks.  All of the directions are in the slide show attached in google classroom.  Don't worry, all of the materials needed are basic things that you probably have in your house.  
    *Mr. Finkle posted a song maker assignment that can be found in our google classroom.
    *Mrs. Slaven posted a Washington State city postcard assignment in our google classroom.
    This might seem like a lot, but do not fret!  All of the directions for each assignment will be well laid out in google classroom.  If there is something that does not make sense, or you need help, please do not hesitate to contact me. I am here to help!

    Alaina Livingston