• Livingston

    Hello 4th graders!  

    Updated 6/14/20
    Welcome to week 13!  Good news: there are only two weeks left of school!  These two weeks are important and we do need your students to remain engaged in the work that is taking place.  Please remind them that they are almost 5th graders and need to be showing that level of work on everything that they turn in.  
    Dear Families,
    Can you believe it?  We have finally made it to the last week of the strangest year of school I have ever experienced. I can't thank you enough for all that you have done to help support your student. I know that being thrown into the role of a teacher is not easy.  You have made it so your students could stay engaged and continue to make progress. These kids are ready for 5th grade!  
    In attempt to make this week very special for your students, we are going to have zooms every day at 1:00. Every day has a theme (see the schedule below).  Students are encouraged to come to each zoom to hang out. Even if your student does not directly want to participate, I encourage them to still be apart of our last days together.  I will still be posting a question of the day, an art project and a special slide show for students to work on this week.
    MondayScience Celebration and virtual ice cream party. Today I posted recipes for making ice cream at home, or you can use any store bought treat. We will be looking at the containers that were designed and allowing student to show their results. If your student did not complete the science project, it is not too late!TuesdayTalent Show Tuesday. Students can show off any talent they have. A few examples might include, but are not limited to magic tricks, story telling, crafts, art, sing, dance, play an instrument, etc. You do not have to share to participate, but again, the more people sharing, the more fun it will be. 
    Wednesday: Watch Party Wednesday. I will be hosting the zoom, sharing my screen to watch the first Harry Potter movie. We enjoyed this book as a read aloud, so I thought it would be fun to show the movie. I will mute the microphones, but will leave the chat feature open so students can chat with each other throughout the movie. 
    Thursday: Trickery Thursday. Place an item in a bad so we cannot see the item. Prepare clues so we can guess what the object is. A silly way to engage with each other and hang out. 
    Friday: Final Friday Zoom. This will be our last zoom. I have an award show prepared with an award for each student. The slide show for this will be posted after the class zoom in case anyone wants to download of save their award. I promise not to take the entire time so that the students have a chance for one last hang out as a class. 
    Thank you for your continued support. There is a light at the end of the tunnel!  Stay positive, stay healthy, and let me know if you have any questions or concerns.   
    Mrs. Livingston