• logo I know this is a confusing and somewhat frustrating time, as we temporarily transition to online/independent learning. This is definitely uncharted territory for us all! I appreciate your patience and understanding, as teachers learn to navigate this situation alongside you! Please feel free to email me with any questions, concerns or confusion. I will check daily, and I promise to get back with you as soon as possible. rrobison@everettsd.org I will also be sending out messages via Remind. If you need to join, History code: robisonush  AVID code: hms8avid


    For my History classes

    While we are on this unexpected break, the main thing I would like students to focus on is the Industrial Revolution, which is Topic 7 in the textbook. The previous concept we focused on was Westward Expansion, so it would be helpful for students to get familiar with what came next in the timeline. The best resource that students can use is the Pearson website. The students are all familiar with this, as we have used it MANY times over the school year. The easiest way to access this is through the school district page, then the Student Tab at the top, then scroll down to Pearson Easy Bridge. Students log in using their school login information. As they log in and select our textbook, they will see New Assignments. This will include videos, maps, and various other activities. They can also go to the specific Lesson and read the text. There should be plenty for them to work on while we're out of school. I will post new assignments every Monday on Pearson. If you are interested in more resources, the students are familiar with a video series called Crash Course: US History. There is a channel on YouTube, and the more useful episodes would be anything on Westward Expansion or the Industrial Revolution.

    I also spoke with the students before we left, that I would love for them to make a Flipgrid video when they are finished with the Topic 7 activities on Pearson. They are familiar with Flipgrid as well. The links are below, based on the class they are in. However, I did tell them that they can do this with a partner or small group, which could be students from other class periods.

    Period 3: https://flipgrid.com/robison9193

    Period 4: https://flipgrid.com/robison0707

    Period 5: https://flipgrid.com/robison5901

    Period 6: https://flipgrid.com/robison0006

    Period 7: https://flipgrid.com/robison4702


    ***UPDATE: I just discovered this really interesting article about a boot recently found from the Seminole War (remember, we just talked about the Seminoles?). Go to www.scavengeology.com and search key word: Seminole. There are also lots of other really cool finds on that site! 


    ***2nd UPDATE: I added another helpful link on the side, for iCivics. It's a free resource, where kids can play games that are social studies related. You can join for free!!


    For my AVID class

    This class is a little harder to do online/independently, as we do so much collaboration and work as an AVID family. However, I did speak with the class before we left that I wanted them to submit some Flipgrid videos, sharing their binders, grades and a college of their choice to research (should be a school they haven't researched before). Another video I would appreciate they submit would be what AVID means to them. 


    Another suggestion for my AVID students would be for them to Google jobs or cool occupations. Lots of great websites and videos out there, of people doing what they are passionate about! 


    Need another idea? Check out Ted Talks. Some really inspiriational videos out there! 


    **Remember AVID kiddos: check those grades and make sure there isn't any work you need to do or get caught up on! :)