• Frau Hesse Willkommen in die Deutschklasse!  Welcome to AVID 9!

    UPDATE 24. MARCH 2020

    All students should have access to Canvas for my courses and each course has a minimum of two assignments prepared and published. Students are encouraged to work on these at their own pace, but I do not recommend procrastination, as there will be more assignments over time.

    UPDATE 16. MARCH 2020

    I am working on creating space in Canvas to collect suggestions and extension opportunities. In the meantime, you will notice discussions available on this site. There are also STEM videos in the Course Expectations page. 


    We are looking forward to another great year.  In the 2019-2020 school year, German will have levels ranging from first year through AP.  We are excited to provide this opportunity for the students!
    You will find that I am not printing syllabi this year.  As an effort to reduce paper waste, this information will be available online. Students opting for College in the High School credit are encouraged to save this syllabus, as showing it to potential colleges may help the credits transfer. These previous syllabi will remain on my website for a minimum of 4 years, beginning with the first year of paperless methods. Students or parents/guardians may request paper copies.  More information on this and movie permissions is available under "Course Expectations." 

     Jennifer Hesse
    425-385-7000 (Please email if at all possible, as I will not be able to check my school phone messages often)