• Willkommen in die Deutschklasse!  Welcome to AVID 9!

    UPDATE 4. MAY 2020

    Reminder: The calendar function on this website is not updated. Please view the Canvas Calendar for all due dates, Zoom sessions, etc. Everything you should need is linked in there! Can't find what you need? Please send me an email! 

    UPDATE 23. APRIL 2020

    The structure seems to be supporting more engagement in Canvas! Thank you to the students for taking the time to engage with your learning and to the parents for supporting and encouraging this. Some FAQs: 

    • Am I in trouble if I don't come to Zoom meetings? 
      • No, I understand that students have other things going on right now and some families may have multiple lessons and meetings happening simultaneously so that live Zoom meetings may not be possible for everyone. It is a great place for deeper instruction and questions and I highly recommend them, but students will not be in trouble if they don't come to each Zoom. 
    • What are office hours? 
      • A place for students to ask individual help as well as check ins with me and other students. Students are welcome to come and hang out or come, ask their questions, and leave - whatever you need. 
    • How often should I check my Canvas for this class? 
      • A minimum of once per week, recommended to be during the longer period of structured time together. New material will be activated Sundays so if students are wanting to work on my class during the independent work times, the material will be ready. Although new discussions may be available during the week, the due dates for engagement will be a couple weeks out. I do encourage checking back on discussions regularly - it's a great place to bounce ideas off of each other!
    • How long should I be expected to work on my Germanand AVID assignments? 
      • I am intending about 2 hours/week. Some students may finish in 90 minutes, some may need 3 hours - I'm encouraging students to let me know how long things are taking so that I can adjust over time. Please do not spend more than the recommended 3 hours/week on my class - just let me know you're taking more time. I will understand and you can submit anything late!
    • I have more questions! What should I do? 
      • Please Please Please email me! 

    UPDATE 17. APRIL 2020

    Below is the file I was planning to push our through email. This includes the student structure and what it means for AVID and German students. Please don't hesitate to reach out via email if you have any questions or concerns!

    Structure File

    UPDATE 24. MARCH 2020

    All students should have access to Canvas for my courses and each course has a minimum of two assignments prepared and published. Students are encouraged to work on these at their own pace, but I do not recommend procrastination, as there will be more assignments over time.

    UPDATE 16. MARCH 2020

    I am working on creating space in Canvas to collect suggestions and extension opportunities. In the meantime, you will notice discussions available on this site. There are also STEM videos in the Course Expectations page. 


    We are looking forward to another great year.  In the 2019-2020 school year, German will have levels ranging from first year through AP.  We are excited to provide this opportunity for the students!
    You will find that I am not printing syllabi this year.  As an effort to reduce paper waste, this information will be available online. Students opting for College in the High School credit are encouraged to save this syllabus, as showing it to potential colleges may help the credits transfer. These previous syllabi will remain on my website for a minimum of 4 years, beginning with the first year of paperless methods. Students or parents/guardians may request paper copies.  More information on this and movie permissions is available under "Course Expectations." 

     Jennifer Hesse

    425-Frau Hesse 385-7000 (Please email if at all possible, as I will not be able to check my school phone messages often)