• Willkommen in den Deutschunterricht!  

    Important: The calendar function on this website is not kept up to date. Please view the Canvas Calendar for all due dates and any other important events. Everything you should need is linked in there! Can't find what you need? Please send me an email!  

    • How often should I check my Canvas for this class? 
      • Every day you are scheduled for German, you should check Canvas! This will also be the place where Zoom links will be kept, so it is important to log in to Canvas at the beginning of our scheduled time together and join our meeting.
    • How long should I be expected to work on my German work?
      • If you find that you are spending a long time outside of our classtime together on any projects or are getting frustrated with any of the work, please reach out for support! 
    • I missed parent conferences, but I want to learn about you. How do I do that? 
      • Please start with our school FlipGrids! You can find me in both the Administrative Team and World Language topics! 
      • I'm always available via email, and we can schedule a Zoom meeting if you'd like to see me "face-to-face." 
    • I have more questions! What should I do? 
      • Please Please Please email me!  
    We are looking forward to a creative and innovative year! In the 2020-2021 school year, German will have levels ranging from first year through AP.  We are excited to provide this opportunity for the students!
    Syllabi and other necessary forms are under "Course Expectations." Students opting for College in the High School credit are encouraged to save the syllabus, as showing it to potential colleges may help the credits transfer. These previous syllabi will remain on my website for a minimum of 4 years, beginning with the first year of paperless methods. More information on this and movie permissions is available under "Course Expectations." 
     Frau Hesse

    Jennifer Hesse

    School phone: 425-385-7000 (Please email if at all possible, as I will not be able to check my school phone messages often)