• Welcome to Mrs. Olson's Class!

    My name is Laury Olson and I teach 3rd grade at Madison Elementary. I am a misplaced Texan and am here because my 5 children live in the Seattle area.  I have taught 3rd to 6th grade and 3rd is one of my favorites!  The best part about teaching is that I am learning something new every year and growing with you., 

    Monday, March 23rd-Friday, March 27th      I really miss seeing you guys!  I hope everyone is staying home, staying well, working on your math facts and reading every day.  Don't forget to take those AR tests. Also, check out Cool Math, Math is Fun, Pebble Go and use our Student Tools page to access Google.  Try Khan Academy-3rd Grade Math Standards.                                Hopefully, you have received all the work packets I sent you...keep working on these. I am checking my email every day.  Stay in touch...I will keep working on updating our webpage.      Look at https://www.everettsd.org/Page 31233 for district activities for learning.

                                I miss you all!     Mrs. Olson 

    Are you getting tired of staying home yet?  Are you reading any books that I should read?  I just ordered 2 new books from the Everett Public Library yesterday.  Can't wait to get them and get started.  I know that you have heard that we will be out of school for 6 weeks.  That means that you need to make sure that you are doing at least one math page, one spelling page and some reading every day.  Don't forget to take AR tests and do Reflex or Multiplication. com every day.  I will try to put the i-Ready link on our page today.  That way you can also do i-Ready.  Use our Madison library page for other sites and activities as well as the district site I mentioned in


    Monday, March 30th

    Hey guys, are you reading every day?  I finished another book last night and started a new one today.  We took Lainy to get her bath and then she shook fur all over the car on the way home.  What are you up to?  Make sure that are becoming a Professional Multiplication Math Facts Star!  

    my last message.  

    I think about you all, so many times every day...wondering what you are doing right now.

    Mrs. Olson

    Mr. Himstead asked me to forward this link to you so you could check in with him: