Welcome to Summer Internships

  • Everett Public Schools Internship program provides high school students the opportunity to earn high school credit, and gain meaningful experience in a career field of interest.  Students will be mentored through an internship preparation course that will equip them to apply for summer positions in local community organizations. Students in the program will be supported by a worksite coordinator, the instructor of the connecting class, and the employer (or internship host). 

    Internship positions are highly competitive and fill up fast:  Apply Now!

    Wondering if this is for you?  Here are two Everett Public Schools graduates and their testimonials from their internship experience:

    Daniel Bae  "This internship was my first real attempt at applying to internships. With my minimal work experience, I was grasping at straws with my applications. That being said, it allowed me to gain valuable line items on my resume. While the job may not have been very glamorous and with a relatively unknown tech firm, adding experience in any facet is very important. Never be deterred by an internship that doesn't exactly fit what you see yourself doing. Experience is experience!"



     Madeline Miller "In my experience, internships are a great way to learn what the classroom can't teach you. Schoolwork is of course very important but you will find that in your career the knowledge school provides is just the foundation and your day-to-day tasks may look nothing like what you have seen in school. Internships are a great way to start to build on that foundation, especially since it's a time where you're not expected to know what to do and asking questions is highly encouraged. In my profession people like to say that an intern who doesn't ask questions is scarier than an intern who asks too many."


    For more information please contact: 

    Andy Sevald, Worksite Learning Coordinator, STEM-CTE Department 425-385-4081