Welcome to Mrs. TD's First Grade Class

  • Everett

    🌟🌟 From June 1st through June 15th, you will be working on your iReady diagnostics in reading and math. I know you know what to do, but please look at the poster below for reminders about the assessments. FOr more information, click on the iReady Tips PowerPoint link under QuickLinks.🌟🌟

    iReady Tips





    Here is our new schedule for the remainder of the school year:

    ✔️9:00 am: Learning Zone: During this time students should visit Google Classroom to access daily lessons and activities. Students will complete assignments and post responses in the comments section.

    Make sure you go to the CLASSWORK page in our Google Classroom to find daily lessons.

    ✔️11:30 am: Lunch and Physical Activity

    ✔️1:00 pm: Elementary Specialists (join their classrooms)

    ✔️2:00 pm: Teacher/Parent/Student Communication: I will be calling parents between 2:00 and 2:30 for a quick weekly check-in. I will be calling you the same day each week and while the call may look like it is coming from a blocked number, it will be me!

    ✔️2:30 pm: Independent Reading and iReady Reading (15 minutes daily)

    ✔️3:00 pm: iReady Math (15 minutes daily)


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