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    Welcome to our class webpage families and students! It has been a thrilling year, full of new learning and adventures in math, reading, writing, science, and social studies.  Your children have impressed me with their curiosity, strong work ethic, eagerness to learn, and empathy.  It is these exact attributes that will carry us through this journey of remote learning in this challenging time.  Please know that this is unchartered territory for us all.  There will sure to be mishaps and miscommunication, however, knowing that everyone is working towards a common goal is key.  Your children's safety and well-being is paramount right now.  How you choose to support your child's learning at home is at your discretion. What works for some families will not work for others.  For this reason, I will include our daily suggested class schedule on this webpage as well as in Google classroom.  Google classroom is set up very differently, however, it is very user friendly and quite fun to navigate as you learn about its features.  I will also be sending home family emails every Monday and Friday to touch base with you about any common issues that you are facing and just to reiterate that I am here for your child and will support them in every way possible. 


    As you navigate Google classroom, you will see assignments listed under daily topic areas (Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday). I have also kept topic categories such as REACH/Reading, math, science, social studies, art, fun/inspirational, digital resources, and General Specialists.  I will create assignments and you will see these listed on the Google calendar in Google classroom.  Please note that due dates listed are suggested.  The reason for giving due dates is so that the assignment pops up on the calendar and you can see it clearly.  I have randomly assigned most due dates to be on Monday. For this extended break, I will review work that is submitted and provide student feedback.  I recognize that as families, you will be choosing your own educational/learning opportunities that are equally as important as completing all assigned work through Google classroom.  Having your child learn organizational skills by sorting their clothes or toys is a great skill.  Teaching your child to prepare a dish for dinner or learn how to bake would be fantastic too.  Maybe this is the time to try to learn how to play that piano that is in your basement or try journaling.  Yoga, dance, art, and science; these are all super learning opportunities.  We will continue to provide learning opportunities that review and enhance your child's learning this year.  My goal is to include fun links and some art and science activities.  Please enhance your child's learning in any way possible during this time. 


    I am super excited to see all 22 students engaged in learning through Google Classroom and our Zoom meetings.  Please check our classroom daily for assignments and student feedback.  Please remember that although there is a daily suggesed classwork schedule, you and your student can decide when to complete the work.  All work that is past the due date can and still should be completed/submitted as your time and schedule allows. 

    Week of 6/15-6/19 Classwork/Suggested Learning Activities:

    End of Year Activities:  See Google classroom for the Virtual Yearbook to sign.  Please sign each friend's page and make a comment if you would like.  Also, reflect on how 4th grade went and post your thoughts in the "How I Survived 4th Grade" Google slideshow.  Locate your name and post your thoughts on your slide.  Also, check out the live coho salmon release that takes place on Tuesday in Tacoma.  See the link in Google classroom.  You can also check out the 5th grade summer reading book list as well as science experiments that you can do at home. 

     ***Thank you for entrusting me with your child this school year.  I am sure that we can all agree that this year will never be forgotten and your child will be in those fond memories my whole life.  Please reach out to me if you need anything at all.  I look forward to hearing about your child's successes as they grow!***  

    Best Regards,

    Laurel Fortney


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