• Mrs. Thornton Monday, March 30

    Welcome, Mrs. Thornton's class!

    We are now moving into distance learning 2.0! This means that we will be providing more time-sensitive lessons as we continue to move through the curriculum. We will still be doing some review. We will also be introducing new content at this time. This is to ensure that you are ready for  fourth grade when fall starts! Even though you will not be taking the SBA this year, you will take it next year and I do not want you to fall behind.

    It is important that you take care of your family's needs and I understand that there will need to be some flexibility. For this reason, I will be assigning work by the week with specific lessons/assessments for you to complete. The more you can do the better, but my number 1 priority is that your family is safe and healthy! If there is anything I can do to make this time easier for you and your family please let me know. Although this work will not be graded, I will be providing feedback to students that complete the work.

    If you can only do 2 assignments a week please do our morning meeting posts and iReady. 

    Be well and safe,

    Kathryn Thornton   425-385-6200