Welcome to Mrs. Erickson 5th Highly Capable Class

  • MS. Erickson Hello dear students and families!  Here we go with a new school year and a new set of opportunities and challenges to learn, grow and adapt to this beautiful, complex world.  I can't wait to meet you all and dive into a new adventure with you.  First, take a deep breath and smile.  The virtual tools that we will use most during the remote learning phase of school this fall will be those that students and many parents are already familiar with, such as Google Classroom, AR, i-Ready and Canvas.

    I am here for you, students, to make our year together interesting, fun and engaging.  I am here for you, parents, as you navigate the many strategies at your fingertips to help keep your kids motivated to learn and grow.  You can contact me via email at any time, and I'll do what I can to answer your questions.  

    Please be looking for more information from me and Everett Public Schools soon. I am committed to providing the best learning environment possible, no matter where we're sitting!

    Remote learning begins Wednesday, September 9th.

    Student hours are Monday through Thursday 9:15 - 3:30, and Friday 9:15 - 2:15.

    On Wednesday, September 9th, at 9:15 am, follow these steps to begin 5th grade:

    Log on to the Everett Public Schools website

    Click the STUDENTS tab

    Click the CANVAS icon

    Log in to CANVAS with your district user name and password

    Click your COURSE (this will be determined soon)

    Click Week 1

    Click WednesdayBegin Zoom session

    Meet your teacher and your class!