• What is my password?

    For 6th Grade students

    - Username AND password are their ID number

    For 7th and 8th Grade students

    - Username is their ID number

    - Password is their birthdate. 2 digits month and day with a hyphen. For example if their birthday is December 9 the password would be 12-09

  • How do I access my classes?

    Students will access the Zoom link to their courses through the Canvas page of their courses.

    Accessing Canvas






     Once you have found the course on your dashboard or course list, click on the button that matches the teacher name and content based on your schedule.

  • Why does my student have multiple courses for the same period?

    For some students, when they go to 'Courses' they may see multiple classes in the same period [see example below]. Teachers have combined their online platforms to create one course to update in Canvas. This nests all of the courses into one period. When you are getting into class, just look for the course content, not the period listed. 



    Students can sort, rename, and organize their course tiles using the directions in the video below.