• Mrs. Persinger


    Hello Emerson Family,

    Welcome to my webpage.  I am happy to be a resource room teacher here at Emerson.  If I see you in the resource room, please click on my Google Classroom Link to the right!   Everyone else, enjoy the links I have added for all to use.

    Parents and students:  One of the most important things you can do at home is create a school schedule together.  Here is a sample schedule.


    8:00 Breakfast (So much learning happens while cooking, try making meals with your kids and measure everything!)

    9:00 Math (i-Ready or classroom teacher provided lessons and resources)

    10:00 Break (go outside and run around or do a movement break indoors) 

    11:00 Reading (i-Ready or classroom teacher provided lessons and resources)

    12:00 Lunch 

    1:00 Specialist Class go to specialists

    2:00 Writing (Dedicate a journal to draw and/or write about daily life or whatever you want.)

    3:00 Schools over, time for normal play at home.


    Check out the links to the left of interesting web resources for more engagement ideas.


    The experts say that keeping kids on a structured routine is important.  This can help with a feeling of safety and security especially needed during these uncertain times.

    Cynthia Persinger