• logoWelcome to my website! This is my 35th year providing occupational therapy services in the Everett School District.  I continue to be passionate about my mission to provide quality motor therapy services for my students, support and training for staff, and outreach to parents and families. Please contact me by email if you have questions.

    To help you negotiate support, this email has active links to downloads (Just click the colored titles).

    NEW this week of June 1st on my teacher website:  It is time to pause with all that is going on in our world today,…
    This week in particular, I would like to highlight the book selection, Peanut Butter and Jellyfish, in hopes that you will take time in a busy week to view and discuss the book's universal message of kindness with your children. Wishing you all a good week.

    Peanut Butter and Jellyfish by Jarrett J. Krosoczka provides a story video about friendship and kindness and is worth the time to view and reflect with your children. 

    For older students, The Frog Prince  production by StoryBook Theater shares a timely message about treating others with kindness, understanding and respect located under Interesting Web Resources.

    The theme of motor activities this week is Oceans! What is in the ocean? Enjoy this adventure Ocean Video Field Trip without scuba gear! 

    Fine Motor Activities,   

    1. Watch the Fish Mobile Fun! instructional video, and join me in making a Fish Mobile (1 pg download) to color, cut and hang! Really add some fun to this project by following the steps, adding some flowing ribbon to the fish tail to help him swim! 
    2. Three Tracing Activities: SailboatSwimming Pools and Mermaids - provide motor control practice foundational for tool use. Start with one short crayon to encourage a three-point, thumb to fingers efficient tool grasp, then choose another color to retrace. Talk about how water can be different shades depending on the surroundings to extend this activity and encourage retracing. 
    3. My Pet Fish Activity (1 pg. downloadis a nice activity to work on imitating and following specific directions on the bottom of the download. Motor skills practiced include using a drawing tool in a variety of ways to trace and make dots, snipping/cutting with scissors, using a glue stick, and targeting placement of fish pictures in a fishbowl to make beautiful refrigerator art.                   

    Gross Motor Activities,                                                                                                                                                                                    

    1. The Fish Song Imitation Activity is an upbeat musical role play to gets kids moving to this silly song!  
    2. Shark in the Sea Chant -combines movement with academic concepts. Though the activity sheet say to decide before singing what letter sound you will want your arm shark jaws to ‘chomp’ this can be changed to have your child look for a variety of things in your home, ‘Chomping things that are blue’ for example. Whatever it takes to get kids up, moving and thinking! Imitating using your arms extended as shark jaws with elbows straight also can require a bit more motor planning to pick up objects in this unusual way – a great way to learn more about body in space relationships.                  

    My Google classroom, Ms. Grace’s Motor Group is where I will continue to post Motor activities so they are easy to refer back to rather than just on parent emails or my district website. If you already know how to join, the class code to join is xe7pka2. You need to access this using your student’s login- which is their student number plus @apps.everettsd.org. (######@apps.everettsd.org.) Their password is their student number - located on their IEP -  I can easily get this to you with a quick email. Make sure you are using their Chrome/Google browser - not your personal Google account - meaning you will need to log out of your Chrome account and set one up for them if you are using your own computer. 


    Grace Jarchow, MS/OT/L/NBCT           

    Occupational Therapist


    Lowell Elementary School  425-385-5387  (M, T, W, F 8-3:30 and Thursday 11-3)