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    Welcome, I recently began setting up this website in hopes of providing audiological assistance and resources for students who have hearing loss. It is currently late March, 2020 and, if viewing my page, you likely know that Everett Public Schools closed on March 13,2020 to help combat the novel coronavirus pandemic. I know we are all hoping to return to school/work on April 27. Time will tell and my fingers are crossed!  Feel free to explore my site and note it is in development at this time. I hope you will find some useful information.

    Once school reopens, I will resume my usual duties and look forward to working 'in person' to assist students and teachers and other staff of students who have hearing loss. In addition, our other district audiologist and myself will wrap up our hearing screening program for the 2019/2020 school year. Because some hearing losses can be difficult to identify, state law requires all students to be screened annually who are in grades kindergarten through three, five and seven; students in other grades are screened on request.  

    About me:  I graduated with my Master’s Degree in Audiology from Western Washington University in late 1987 and have proudly been with Everett Public Schools for the last 21 years. I hold an Educational Staff Associate (ESA) certification which allows me to work in the Washington state school system.  Prior to working in Everett Public Schools, I worked in Clinical Audiology (in Ear, Nose and Throat clinics) and briefly in Industrial Audiology (monitoring the hearing of people who work in noise and educate them on how to protect their hearing from hearing loss due to excessive noise). I hold my Washington State Audiology license and occasionally fill in at a local ENT clinic.

    In my free time I enjoy skiing, boating, bicycling, reading and spending time with family.  A fun (or funny) background fact about myself is that when I was in college I had a goldfish named Pete who lived for many years.  Our current family pet is Ruby, a miniature long-haired dachshund who we adopted as a twelve week old puppy in late 2010.  

    Eileen Anderson, Educational Audiologist