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    Everett Public Schools strives to include diverse voices, thoughts, suggestions and input in district decisions. We provide opportunities for families, community members, students and staff to express what works well and what might work better to create a positive social and academic climate in our schools. Below are some recent district-level engagements and results. Thank you for your participation.

  • May 31, 2023 Let's Connect on Tier I Instructions and Support


    February 16, 2023 Let's Connect on Budget

          Results: Let's Connect Notes


    January 10 - 18, 2023: Survey on Budget

          Results: Budget Survey Results


    November, 2022: Survey on school calendar 

    • Topic: asking specific questions related to a proposed change in the 2023-34 school calendar 

         Results: Calendar survey summary

                          High School student calendar survey summary


    October 18-31, 2022: ThoughtExchange 

    • Topic: “What is working well, and what opportunities are there to improve the way our district and schools communicate?” 

         Results: Communication survey results


    October 6, 2022: Let's Connect run by regions

         Results and Action Items: Region 1  |  Region 2  |  Region 3


    April, 2022: Let's connect run by schools - Family Engagement

    • What does family engagement mean to you?
    • What have been the most beneficial programs and/or experiences of engagement at your school?
    • What could your school do to help you and your student(s) feel more engaged?

         Results: complete feedback 


    April 7 - 14, 2022: ThoughtExchange on Strategic Plan


    March 28, 2022: Parent session on Social Media Safety


    January 24, 2022: Let's Connect run by regions on February Replacement Levies

    •      What questions do you have about the replacement levies?

          Results: Community members shared several questions that were answered and added to our levy FAQ page.


    November 15, 2021: Let's Connect run by schools

    • What’s working with your student’s learning experience at this time?
    • What can we do to improve the learning experience?

         Results: summary of common themes

         Action Items:

    •   Each school will take the individual feedback received and see how it fits into the school improvement plan as well as responding to individual questions. 


    October 18, 2021: Let's Connect run by region and in Spanish on belonging and inclusion. 

    • What helps your child feel a sense of belonging at their school?
    • What additional action could be taken at schools to help increase a sense of belonging?
    • How might schools build better relationships with students and families of all cultures, races, backgrounds and abilities

         Results: summary of common themes

         Action Items:

         What we are doing:

    • The district has added all major religions significant holidays to the recognition calendar to be more inclusive of holidays.
    • Every employee in the district spent 6 hours of professional development on October 15 focusing on equity, diversity and inclusion. The day included student and parent voice.
    • The new strategic plan contains several initiatives around community and family engagement and have specific action steps with accountability.

          What we will do:

    • We will look at School Improvement Plans and will ensure they include specific programs and activities to engage families in two-way partnerships.
    • At Instructional Reviews we will see that action plans include improving student-to-student healthy interactions.
    • The Diversity, Equity and Inclusion team has ESSER funds to improve the diversity of books in libraries.
    • We will finalize action plans in the strategic plans that pertain to family and community engagement as well as belonging and inclusion, and provide updates to the board and community on progress.


    September 20, 2021: Let's Connect run by region and in Spanish. 

    • What’s working with your student’s learning experience at this time?
    • What can we do to improve the learning experience?

         Results: summary of common themes

         Action Items:

         What we are doing:

    • Working to hire more bus drivers, which will allow us to add more routes and therefore make the buses less crowded
    • Setting standardized expectations for next year schedules to be released earlier
    • Continuing our emphasis on social-emotional learning for students and related professional development for staff.

          What we will do:

    • Create a sampling of options for parent volunteers outside the school buildings
    • Remind parents how to select their preferred method of communication so they will not get the same message in multiple formats unless they choose so
    • Communicate proactively with families the supports available at their school for student to remain engaged in learning if required to quarantine


    May 19 - 23: Academic and Student Well-being Recovery Plan

       Results: Community feedback indicated the plan needs more details and specifics and language more accessible to the general public. 

       Resulting action: We created a DRAFT narrative of the plan to make it more readable, while still staying with the OSPI parameters. 


    May 6-9, 2021: ThoughtExchange to gather thoughts about extra supports needed

    "What are some impactful strategies we can use to help your child prepare for learning in the next grade level?

        Results: Summary presentation, Top 20 Thoughts


    May 3, 2021: Let's Connect run by region and in Spanish. 

    • What’s working with your student’s learning experience at this time?
    • What can we do to improve the learning experience?
    • What school experiences would you like your student to have between now and the end of the school year?
    • In what ways can we better support students’ academic learning?
    • In what ways can we better support students’ social-emotional learning?

         Results: Summary of common themes


    April 28 - May 5, 2021: Fall 2021 Planning Survey

         Results: Fall survey summary, Fall survey results by school.


    March 2021: ThoughtExhange to gather thoughts about 2021 Commencement

         Results: Graduation presentation of results, Graduation top thoughts

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