• Welcome to Mr. Hansen's Fantabulous Webpage. I have been blessed to return to the Everett School District as a teacher where I was once a student. As a student I attended Monroe Elementary, Silver Lake Elementary, Eisenhower Middle School and Cascade High School. Everett is my home and I'm filled with joy at the opportunity to help you grow. 

     General Class Policies

    Homework and Due Dates:

    Homework is due on the first day of the week following the lesson. Example: A lesson taught TODAY will have homework due NEXT MONDAY. This allows students to budget their time and activities to ensure there is sufficient time to complete their assignments. 

    Late homework can be submitted up until the Unit Assessment without penalty. No homework is access for a unit once the unit assessment has been administered. 

    What to bring to class - these are the required, minimum items for student success:

    • Geometry Workbook - if you have lost yours, see Mr. Hansen
    • Writing Instrument - pen or pencil. Mechanical pencils are prefered as they don't require sharpening
    • Device (i.e. laptop) - lessons will frequenly require online access. Please remember to charge your laptop everyday

    Addition/Alternative Notes

    Students may opt to take a set of notes independent from their workbook. In this event, students are NOT required to utilize their workbooks. 

    Notebook Challenge - The following are some elements you can notate

    • Lesson Number and Title
    • Learning Goals/Targets/Objectives
    • Warm-Ups
    • Examples
    • Cool Downs
    • Vocabulary
    • Color coding with highlighters
    • Using tabs to label pages/sections
    • Table of Contents which may include dates and page numbers


    Danial Hansen