Welcome to Mr. Kermodie's class!

  • Marc Kermodie

    I am passionate about helping students learn and grow. I believe all students are capable of learning and thriving in math and that they need to be taught beginning at the level they are at. Math can be fun and relevant. My goal is to help students discover the joy in learning. They will also work on thinking for themselves and learning how to use logic.
    I believe that training our brains to use logic is critical in our world. Therefore, I am thrilled to present Geometry since it is a great vehicle for teaching students to analyze problems and express answers logically. In addition, Geometry can be a lot of fun.
    Please email me if you have any questions. I also look forward to talking to you in person. I can be reached at 425-385-6000.

    Periods Class
     1st Period  Geometry
     2nd Period  Geometry
     3rd Period  Geometry
     4th Period  Geometry
     5th Period  Planning
     6th Period  Geometry