Welcome to Mr. Wilson's Class

  •  Wilson 14-15 Welcome to another fantastic year!

    I am very excited to have your student in my class and am I looking forward to a year full of learning, growth, and development.

    Michael Wilson

    Students will be given lessons using OneNote during this break in our school year.  There are folders labeled Prompts, Tools, and Assignments.

    If you have make up work to turn in put it in the Assignments folder.  If you are looking for daily lessons look in Prompts. Each days activity is listed by date.

    I may place some tools to use over the next 4 weeks in the Tools folder.  This is more for the US History classes.  

    An additional option for communication is my e-mail.  I check it 3 times a day and promise an answer within 24 hours or less.

    Stay Safe, and take care of yourself.



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