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  • DISTRICT CLOSURE: ONLINE STUDENT ASSIGNMENTS Students are encouraged to stay active and to please complete a total of 25 behavior log entries upon returning to school. You can mix and match any of the 4 behavior log entries to equal 25; Activity, Nutrition, Hydration or Sleep Behavior Logs. Students will access and input their information by using www.focusedfitness.org. Students use their same username and password as their school computer to log in.


    For ExampleYou could choose to complete 10 Activity Log Entries, 5 Nutrition Log Entries, 5 Hydration Log Entries and 5 Sleep Log Entries to equal a total of 25 Behavior Log Entries. 


    • Assignments and directions can also be accessed from your teacher's "Google Classroom". CHECK DAILY



      Check out the "Quicklinks" for access to fun fitness websites and apps! 


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