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  • Hello Everyone!Dan Hansen

    Remote learning information is posted on each specific class' webpage. Select the class you're looking for from the menu on the left.
    Each link will direct you to that class' specific Google Classroom page where all resources can be found. 
    Update 3/26/2020: 
    Today I completed the "PE With Joe" workout I've posted to my PE page. It's 30 minutes long and that includes a 5 minute warm up. I think you could really benefit trying it out! You can all do it! Of course, running around and playing games with your family outside is also a great way to get some activity in, too.
    Update 3/25/2020:
    I miss you all! Take this survey so you can tell me what you've been up to.
    Update 3/23/2020: All subject pages are updated for Week 2 of our online learning adventure.
    Also, many companies are coming out with free resources for student engagement during the school closure. Check my ELA page for some links to different resources that allow access to free audiobooks.
    Highlight of the day (March 18, 2020): A fun workout idea sponsored by the Everett Family YMCA. Read about it and learn how to participate on the PE page.
    Updated March 17, 2020, 7:00am

    Hello Families and Students,

    Thank you for looking here for guidance during our surprise break from traditional school. This is just as new for you as a learner as it is for me as the teacher.

    During our time away, I plan to communicate with you primarily through email. Students - check your district-issued email like we practiced last week before this break started. Parents - if you regularly receive email communication from our school, you'll receive messages from me at the same address. If you do not receive email communication from the school, please email lms@everettsd.org or call our school at 425.385.5700 to update your contact information.

    Click on your class to the left for instructions specific to the class you have with me.
     "Exciting" might not be the first term that comes to mind to describe the time we're in, but learning through online platforms is an opportunity for all of us. I hope you make the most of this chance we have.
    If you have any questions or suggestions, please let me know.
    Dan Hansen 

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