Welcome to Evergreen Technology

  • Mr. Mead My Name is Mr. Mead.
    I am the Computer Tech Teacher here at Evergreen. I look forward to an exciting year with your student. This year we are working on a new curriculum. The entire year will be spent on Coding. First Quarter we will work from the website Code.org, after the first quarter we will be writing code using the engine and curriculum developed by Digipen.

    I am a graduate of Western Washington University with degrees in Broadcast Communication and History. I also have a Master’s Degree in Technology in the Classroom from Lesley University. I am a lifelong resident of Washington State, only leaving Snohomish County to go to College in Bellingham.  In addition to my role as Teacher I am a Husband, Father, and Grandfather. 

    If you wish to contact me, my classroom number is 425-385-5813, my email is tmead@everettsd.org