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  • Cynthia McIntyre

    School Closure Notification: 

    How will my students stay in touch and find their Enrichment and Extension Opportunities for Biology, Biotechnology and AP Biology? 

    Due to the mandated school closures related to the Covid-19 pandemic all classroom-based resources can be found in student OneNotes and soon in Canvas. Please feel free to reach out to me via email: cmcintyre@everettsd.org as I am checking email regularly. This will be the most effective method for contacting me due to not having access to my office phone when working offsite.

    The first line of communication with be through Student's OneNote and their Daily Assignment Tab.  I will post a daily comment, enrichment and or extension opportunity for them.  As we move forward I may also use Canvas and Zoom.  But I will notify students by e-mail when this is going to begin.

    My office number is 425-385-4588. Leave a detailed message including your name, your student's name, and what you would like to discuss. On days, I am working from school, I will be able to return your calls. 

    Stay safe, take care, help one another with positive interactions by distance.


    For Accessing Canvas from your device-

    On the EPS webpage, click on the button for "Students." You will see the image below.

     Canvas Icon

    Click on Canvas. 

    You will be taken to your Dashboard. My personal Dashboard looks like the following:


    From this page, click on the class you need and look for updates from your teachers.


    Glad you made it to my page, and I hope you are excited about learning in a different way.  We will grow and be challenged together.

    Welcome to the 2019-2020 School Year
    In the McIntyre Lab students will be exploring Biology and the Environment, Biotechnology and AP Biology.
    This year they will also have the advantage of having my Co-Teacher, Marissa Burghdoff, who brings a strong environmental ecology background to the classes. 
    The past three years I have had the exceptional opportunity of partnering with NOAA's Teacher in the Lab Fellowship. This has enabled me to work side by side with NOAA researchers sequencing the DNA of organisms here in our Salish Sea. We have just recently begun to sequence Silver Perch.  Students have had the opportunity to work with me in this research and provide their data to NOAA. Due to the closure of the NOAA Mukilteo Research Lab in preparation of the new ferry dock and new NOAA research lab we have had to suspend these studies until next year. 
    I received my B.A. in Biology at the University of North Carolina at Greensboro while focusing on Medical Technology. After graduating I taught middle and high school science and then left the field and did medical management for 10 years in Colorado and Southern California. During my exit from teaching, I realized what I enjoyed the most was sharing my love of science with students and giving them an opportunity to "do" science, not just read about it.
    Cynthia McIntyre