Welcome to The McIntyre Lab

  • Cynthia McIntyre
    In the McIntyre Lab students will be exploring Honors and AP Biology.
    This year they will also have the advantage of having my Co-Teacher, Zullaylee Ramos-Asherl, who brings a strong microbiology and oceanography background to the classes. 
    The past two summers I have had the exceptional opportunity of a Partners In Science Murdock Fellowship. This has enabled me to work side by side with Dr. Stephanie Namciu on her current research at Fred Hutch Research Center. Students this year will have the opportunity to meet researchers I collaborated with and hear them speak about their research. 
    I received my B.A. in Biology at the University of North Carolina at Greensboro while focusing on Medical Technology. After graduating I taught middle and high school science and then left the field and did medical management for 10 years in Colorado and Southern California. During my exit from teaching I realized what I enjoyed the most was sharing my love of science with students and giving them an opportunity to "do" science, not just read about it.
    Cynthia McIntyre