Welcome to Ms. Thompson's Class

  • Maria Thompson Dear 5th grade Students and Parents,
    Welcome to Mrs. Thompson's 5th grade website! It is my hope that you are well and enjoying some family time and this beautiful sunshine we have been blessed with these last few days.  I would like to share with you several links to educational resources available for your students to continue working on maintaining and enrichment of their academic skills.  
    Please use the link on this page to access Google Classroom for assignments and activities to work on. Students have been invited to join. They will need to use their school district's email address and password to join:

    Username: students ID#@apps.everettsd.org (ex:12345@apps.everettsd.org) 

     If unable to access Google Classroom (GC) through the link, please go to the 5th grade website and follow the directions at the top of page for joining  GC.

     If you need to communicate with me about any questions or concerns, you may email me at mthompson@everettsd.org.  I will be checking my emails at least once a day.  
    Thank you so much for your support!  Stay safe and healthy!

    Maria Thompson
    Google Classroom code: emvokh7
    March 22-Update
    Parents whose students are still unable to join the class, try the following response I got from Google Classroom Help.  See below info. Thank you! Please email me if still unable to join the class after following the steps below.  So sorry for the inconvenience! Apparently, this is an issue shared by many users of Google Classroom.  Thank you for your patience as we continue working on ways to communicate with you and your student during this time away from school!
    You need to log out of all google accounts except your child's school account (student number@apps.everettsd.org). While logged into only the school account, go to classroom.google.com and enter the class code.
    March 23-
    If you have not received any of my last 4 or 5 emails, please email me!  I have one student (M.B.) whose parent's email is invalid and I have no way to contact you. Thank you!