• 1. EHS AVID Senior Survey: 

         a. Click on this link: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/13i1fhRAL_YlKpYfHWLVetXGNiBJkhqcJqFjhyhGmWBs/edit?usp=sharing

         b. Complete the survey

    2. EHS Naviance Senior Survey:

         a. Log into Naviance

         b. Click on the "My Planner" tab at the top

         c. Click on the "Tasks Assigned to Me" tab (it is purple)

         d. Click on the "Complete My High School and Beyond Plan Senior Yr May-Jun, due date: Jul 15, 2018"

         e. Complete the survey

    3. AVID Senior Survey:

         1. Confirm that your AVID teacher has set up an account for you and you know your login ID and password.
         2. Go to my.avid.org and enter the login ID and password provided by your AVID teacher.
         3. Once logged in, hover your mouse cursor over the “Data Collection” tab and select “Secondary/Senior Data Entry System” from the dropdown menu.
         4. Click “Add/Edit/View Current Data” in the left column and start entering your data.