• Deb Strong  

    Hello! My name is Deb Strong and I am an instructional math coach here at Forest View Elementary. I support teachers with on site professional development focused on increasing and improving student learning and engagement. This will be my 25th year teaching. I have a degree in Child Development from California State University, Sacramento, as well as a Masters in Curriculum and Learning from SPU. I am also a National Board Certified Teacher. 

    With the district-wide closure of Everett Public Schools, the district has put together a Student Engagement Materials website that includes an initial set of materials intended to support students’ engagement in learning.  The materials do not replace the experience of being in school but can help students maintain the learning that has taken place this school year.

    The website includes materials aligned to each grade band, standards-based content area, as well as support for special programs.  Students and their families can select materials to explore and learn from while students are at home – a planning template for Preschool through elementary families is included on the website. 

    Please take a look at these resources and visit your student's classroom teacher website to view weekly updated material or contact me for any additional support.