Welcome to Mrs. Williams' Class

  • Julie Taylor

    While we are using remote learning, please access student learning opportunities through Canvas.

    This year I am teaching 6th grade history, 6th grade lifetime fitness and 7th grade lifetime fitness. 

    Click here for an introductory video about Sixth-Grade History Classes.

    The vision of the Social Studies Department is to prepare students to make a positive difference as thoughtful, active citizens in an ever-changing, diverse global community. 

    To accomplish this vision, the mission of the Social Studies Department is to engage students in the study of history, geography, economics and civics to ensure that students reach:

    • an understanding of the past
    • an appreciation of the present
    • an awareness and consideration of the future 
    • an understanding of diverse cultures

    so that students can become adults who participate productively in both our democratic society and in our complex, rapidly changing world.

    Lifetime fitness classes will be using the Five for Life curriculum, along with physical activities, to further students’ knowledge of fitness concepts and to help students stay healthy and active!  

    Please feel free to contact me with questions or concerns. The best way to reach me is by email at jwilliams3@everettsd.org.

    Working together, we will have an exciting and productive school year!

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