Welcome to Ms. Cowper's Class

  • Suzanne Cowper

    Dear Families, 

    The virus and the closure of school and community resources is a trying situation. As we navigate this unprecedented time I will be providing activities for your students to stay engaged and learning about science. These activities are designed to further their knowledge of the content we are exploring but they are not designed, as specified by the district, to be an online classroom situation. As I learn and increase my skills to teach in the on line world over the coming weeks, I will share activities and knowledge so that together we can grow as a learning community.

    I hope that you keep the spirit of learning open and that you join in with your children to explore the many options that are available to us. I will be posting assignments several times a week on the google platform that the students have been working with over the past 6 months. I will not be assessing or grading these assignments, as directed, but will be available to provide feedback in a variety of ways. It is my hope that we can share our learning and creations with each other when we return.  

    I am available to you over the coming weeks through email at scowper@everettsd.org during normal school hours. 

    Stay well, 

    Suzanne Cowper