Welcome to Ms. Fabrizio's Class

  • Sharon Fabrizio Hello to all my wonderful students. We are embarking on a new and different way to learn. These times have certainly been a learning curve for all of us. I want to, at this time give you all some learning opportunities in math. On my page, you can click on the  Canvas link if you need it. (left-hand side of my homepage)

    7th graders can find the math learning opportunities on the Canvas calendar. You just need to click on the day. Since the material builds on itself each week, it would be better to start with the activities on Monday and work from there. 8th graders will need to click on "MODULES" on the blue global vertical options in Canvas. Everyone will have links to videos, Moby Max and Khan academy. I have sent out numerous emails on how to access the math sites. Should you need a reminder, please email me and I can give the necessary codes.

    The only expectations I have are for you to explore some of the learning opportunities on your own and see what you can do. There are math concepts that we have done this year so you can take some time and go back and make sure you understand them. Start at the beginning of the week, and work your way through as the math work builds on itself throughout the week.

    Most importantly is taking this time to spend with family and maybe to learn a new hobby or explore a new interest that you have been wanting to learn about.  I miss all of you  SO MUCH!! Please email me at any time, either to just check-in and say "hello" or if you have any questions that I might be able to help you with. I will plan on seeing everyone soon, hopefully, this month. 

    Take Care of yourself and your family......You are the BEST! 

    Blessings to all.

    Sharon Fabrizio       sfabrizio@everettsd.org