Welcome to Ms. Fabrizio's Class

  • Sharon Fabrizio Hello to all my wonderful students.  I am Ms. Fabrizio and this is my 17th year teaching 7th and 8th grade math here at Heatherwood. I have lived in Washington since I was in middle school! Living in the Northwest has given me ample opportuity to  mountain climb, hike,  kyak and garden. When I am not teachig  you will find me in the garden, walking with my dog and spending time with my 6 year old grandson.

    I am a Washington Husky and graduated from the University of Washington.  I majored in Ancient Greek and spent a year studying and doing archaeological digging in Greece. I also have a  second Masters degree in Teaching. I have had the wonderful opportunity to do a lot of  traveling and have been to many countries around the world.

    This year we are embarking on a new and different way to learn. These times have certainly been a learning curve for all of us. I want math to be a fun class for you to come to and more importantly to have you feel sucessful , confident and ready as you head to your high school years.

    The only expectations I have are for you this year is to explore some of the math learning opportunities in class and MOST IMPORTANTLY to NEVER give up!!! I have no doubt that you will be suceesful this year.

    In addition to school, remeber to spend time with family and friends and maybe  learn a new hobby or explore a new interest that you have been wanting to learn about.   Please email me at any time, either to just check-in and say "hello" or if you have any questions that I might be able to help you with. I will plan on seeing everyone sometime this year!

    Take Care of yourself and your family......You are the BEST! 

    Blessings to all.

    Sharon Fabrizio       sfabrizio@everettsd.org