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    Welcome to Mrs. Delanty's classroom home page!  We appreciate your patience while we navigate the 'at home' resource tools for our Lifeskills students. Here you will find helpful links, important dates, and other information for your convenience.  Please contact me with any questions you may have. 

    Dear Life Skills Families, 

    The Whittier Life Skills team members want you to know just how much we miss each and everyone of you, during this school closure.

    Whittier Elementary Spirit Week May 18-22!

    Whittier will have a May Spirit Week May 18-22 to celebrate the great learning that is taking place as we head into the month of May.

    The spirit week schedule:

    Monday – Dress Like Your Teacher Day;

    Tuesday – Crazy Hair;

    Wednesday – Whittier Blue & Yellow Colors Day;

    Thursday – Twin Day;

    Friday – Favorite Book Character Day! Have fun with this!

    Please Use our Goggle Classroom: Whittier Life Skills  Room 101 for lesson ideas and information as you work with your child at home. This teacher webpage will be updated  as we continue our remote learning.

    Expect emails from me including teaching videos, links for fun and educational ideas and for current information.

    The Room 101 staff are working hard to support you and your student with the resources available to us at this time.

    I will continue to check in with you weekly by phone or email and using Zoom video, (the Zoom app must be down loaded on your device). Our Room 101 Team, which includes teachers, SLP, OT and PT are looking forward to seeing smiling faces at our Tuesday morning Zoom class meetings at 10:30! Please join us!

    Text to Speech on Chromebooks

    This link, a YouTube video, must be watched on a phone or personal device or a middle/high schooler's school device because the elementary school students do not have access to YouTube videos on their school-provided chromebooks.

    This link shares with you how to turn on a feature on chromebooks that will allow you to highlight text to have it be read aloud. This is great for people with lower vision and for people who need help reading the words. It shows you how to turn that feature on as well as multiple ways to use it. 



     Things to consider when scheduling your child’s day: 

    1. Do what you can. These guides are not meant to be stressful but rather to be a support for you.   
    2. Routines and structure are important. 
    3. The activities suggested are intended to be interactive when possible.   
    4. At-home learning can be more flexible than a traditional school day. Do what works best for your family’s schedule and situation. 
    5. Taking breaks throughout the day are also important and can take many forms: breaks might include outside play, board games, puzzles, crafts or physical activity, etc.  
    6. Depending upon the age of your child, the amount of time they can engage productively in one activity may vary and they may need more frequent breaks throughout the day.  

    Throughout the day, aim to engage in one activity per area of focus (reading, math, writing, physical skills, social-emotional, self - help and science).

    If you have not yet had an opportunity to check out the lessons and information below please take a look!

    Curriculum Target/Topic: Sturctures of Life

    Life Cycle - Begin, grow, make a new one, die

    Growth It gets Bigger - It looks different

    Seed Germination - Water and light opens seed to let plant grow

    Key Core Vocabulary:  big. little, same/different, need, where, when, water, sun, life cycle, again, together, first, next, last, seed, dirt

    WEEKLY SCHEDULE: Throughout the day, aim to engage in one activity per area of focus (reading, math, writing, physical skills, social-emotional, self - help and science).


    MATH With your parent helper look in your kitchen for edible plants. Look for different parts of plants, for example: carrots or onions for roots; broccoli tops for flowers; lettuce for leaves; beans or peas for seeds; celery for stems; and bananas for fruit.

    How many plants can you find in your kitchen? Make a chart of how many red, green, yellow, orange, white etc. plants can you find.

    Eat some plant parts to share as a snack!

    READING:  Teacher Vida's Video reading, Grow Flower Grow! By Lisa Bruce  [Sent to your email address]. 

    Comprehension questions: 1. What was the name of the girl's dog? 2. What happened to the plant when it was thrown outside?

    Select from these choices: a. It grew into a beautiful flower b. The plant went to the garbage dump. c. The dog ate it.

    WRITING:  Practice writing your name and then draw a picture. Use color crayons, paint or any writing tool and draw a flower or flower garden. Include you in the picture and with your parent helper write about your story. 

    SOCIAL SKILLS:  Retell the story,  "Grow Flower Grow" to a sibling, friend or parent. What did the main character feed the plant first, second and third? Look back in the story to answer the questions.

    SCIENCE:  Go to this scholastic website   https://classroommagazines.scholastic.com/support/learnathome.html


    MATH: Look for "Teacher Vida's I Spy Number Video" in your parent helpers email!

    READING: Go to the following Link    


    Scroll down to 1st and 2nd grade, look for:  Day 2: Earth Science - Weather

    Read and listen to the Book:
    Rainy Weather Days by Pam Rosenberg

    Video: "It's Raining, It's Pouring"  What happens when there is too much or too little rain?

    WRITING and FINE MOTOR:   Draw and Write Activity:

    Raining Bats and Frogs  You might have heard the saying, “It’s raining cats and dogs.” If you could make it rain any two things you wanted, what would you choose?

    • Write about your special rainstorm. What would be falling from the clouds and why?

    • Draw a picture of it. Take a picture of your drawing and with your family helper email it to me at vdelanty@everettsd.org.

    SOCIAL/SELF - HELP SKILLS:  Ask one of your family members how you can help at home. Perhaps you can set the table, wash and dry dishes or take dishes out of the dishwasher, make your bed, pick up your clothes and get them ready to be washed? Maybe you have chores you do to help your family, add another one!


    MATH:  Make Flower Garden Parfaits 

    With your student take a look around your kitcchen to find  ingredients to make a flower parfait. After selecting your ingredients help your child measure the correct amounts for the recipe. Take a picture of your creation and email it to me at vdelanty@everettsd.org before you eat it!

    READING:  Go to https://classroommagazines.scholastic.com/support/learnathome.html

    Scroll down to PreK and Kindergarten     Go to Week 1, Day 2

    READ: Planting a Rainbow by Lois Ehlert

    SOCIAL SKILLS/SELF HELP SKILLS: Help your parent helper clean up your flower garden parfait mess! 

    WRITING: Paper plate flower project - Video from Teacher Vida


    Reading: https://classroommagazines.scholastic.com/support/learnathome.html

    Scroll down to PreK and Kindergarten   Go to Week 1, Day 5 

    Watch the Story: 
    And Then It's Spring by Julie Fogliano

    Scroll down to PreK and Kindergarten   Go to Week 1, Day 5 

    Read the Book:
    How Do You Know It's Spring? by Lisa M. Herrington

    WRITING: Write a story using words about Spring! Examples of words -  big. little, same/different, need, where, when, water, sun, life cycle, again, together, first, next, last, seed, dirt rain, spring, green, flowers, seeds, walk, grow, white, cold, wet, blue, sun, wind, gray, brown.
    Be sure to include a picture about your story and ask your parent helper to help you put your thoughts on paper.
    SOCIAL SKILLS: Turn Taking  This is an opportunity for your child to practice taking turns. If you don’t have one of these games, you could create a simple board game, use household items for board pieces and take turns rolling a dice, drawing a number or just alternating moving game pieces through the board. 

    MATH: Count all the signs of Spring you see in and around your home: How many flowers, buds, birds, weather patterns, bugs etc.

    FRIDAY: Review Grow Flower Grow

    MATH How Many Seeds? Look for variety of seeds in your home. If you do not have seed packets then take a look in your kitchen for dried beans - lima, lentil, white beans, pinto, black or more! Count and sort seeds. Make a graph!

    With your parent helper go to the Room 101's Life Skills Goggle Classroom or to your parent helpers email and find Miss Lynette's video on seeds!

    READING: listen to the video again of Teacher Vida reading, Grow Flower Grow.

    WRITING: Try to use Key core Vocabulary: big. little, same/different, need, where, when, water, sun, life cycle, again, together, first, next, last, seed, dirt. 

    Encourage your child to tell a story about something that happened to them and then draw a picture to tell the story. They might also include letters or writing. Write  name and include speech or thought bubbles, label “me” in the story. If your student has a PODD or other communication system please help them with it so they can communicate better!

    SOCIAL/EMOTIONAL:  Smell the Flower

    Have your child practice big, deep belly breaths by having the pretend to smell a flower (deep breath in through the nose) and then blowing out the candle (big breath out through the mouth). 

    SCIENCE: Science Activity: When outside make observations and look for evidence of spring in the plants. 

    Possible Daily Schedules:

    A typical day might look like:  

    Or this:  

    Or even this: 

    • Math 
    • Reading/Writing 
    • Music/Art/PE 
    • Social
    • Studies/Science 


    • Reading/Writing 
    • Snack 
    • Art project 
    • Lunch 
    • Walk to the park
    • Math games 
    • Call grandma/grandpa or another family member 
    • Social Studies 

    Morning Activity


    Outside Activity/Game


    Math Game


    Art/Fine Motor

    Science/Social Studies


    Common Sense Media  (This site provides curriculum resources as well as rates online sites, movies, TV shows, and print resources.)

    Please take a look at Whittier's Library page for MORE learning ideas and resources to support our students!


    Vida Delanty

    425-385-4321 Life Skills Room 101