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    Welcome to Mrs. Delanty's classroom home page!  We appreciate your patience while we navigate the 'at home' resource tools for our Lifeskills students. Here you will find helpful links, important dates, and other information for your convenience.  Please contact me with any questions you may have. 

    Dear Life Skills Families, 

    The Whittier Life Skills team members want you to know just how much we miss each and everyone of you, during this temporary classroom closure. As soon as we know more information regarding our return we will notify you.



     Things to consider when scheduling your child’s day: 

    1. Do what you can. These guides are not meant to be stressful but rather to be a support for you.   
    2. Routines and structure are important. 
    3. The activities suggested are intended to be interactive when possible.   
    4. At-home learning can be more flexible than a traditional school day. Do what works best for your family’s schedule and situation. 
    5. Taking breaks throughout the day are also important and can take many forms: breaks might include outside play, board games, puzzles, crafts or physical activity, etc.  
    6. Depending upon the age of your child, the amount of time they can engage productively in one activity may vary and they may need more frequent breaks throughout the day.  


    SCIENCE: Science Activity: When outside make observations and look for evidence of Fall in the plants. 

    Possible Daily Schedules:

    Look at our Classroom Canvas page for daily activities and resources.

    A typical day might look like:  

    Or this:  

    Or even this: 

    • Math 
    • Reading/Writing 
    • Music/Art/PE 
    • Social
    • Studies/Science 


    • Reading/Writing 
    • Snack 
    • Art project 
    • Lunch 
    • Walk to the park
    • Math games 
    • Call grandma/grandpa or another family member 
    • Social Studies 

    Morning Activity


    Outside Activity/Game


    Math Game


    Art/Fine Motor

    Science/Social Studies


    Common Sense Media  (This site provides curriculum resources as well as rates online sites, movies, TV shows, and print resources.)

    Please take a look at Whittier's Library page for MORE learning ideas and resources to support our students!


    Vida Delanty

    425-385-4321 Life Skills Room 101