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  • Mr. Taggart Parents and Students, I would like your students to stay as active learning math as possible. Because of our current state of events I will be assigning learning activities that will help with areas of math students have traditionally have had the most trouble, as well as activities that are enriching to their learning.  As directed by the State, we will not be introducing new material nor be grading student work during this time.  I will also include links to videos and other resources that can help you help your kids with their math. We are hopeful that we will be back in school by April 27th so that we can prepare everyone for the next school year!  As usual, don't hesitate to email me with any questions!!  This note will be updated as things change.  Thanks! 

    Note:  I will be giving out a few of the links available. Many more resources can be found simply by Googling the topic!!!


    EHS Class of 1981
    EvCC Class of 1984
    WWU Class of 1987
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    GRAPH PAPER Comp Book !!!


    Lots of pencils and erasers!!


Algebra 2/Trig

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