• logo Hello First Grade Families,


    I already miss seeing your children today!  Six weeks seems like forever.  But, we all want to stay safe and healthy, therefore I will be doing everything I can to stay in contact with all of you and help with a plan for your child to stay active and engaged in learning, even though we are not teaching new content at this time.  


    I will be using Google Classroom to set up links for learning and a way to message back and forth with as many students as possible.  Most students received flyers that tell step by step how to use Google Classroom.  The students who were in the classroom on Friday all logged into Google Classroom with our class code, which is 4du2zjg.  Please e-mail me directly at lsponek@everettsd.org if you are having any trouble.  Each week there will be updates about new information and tools students can use.  You can also leave me messages at 425-385-4645.  


    As I told the students Friday, they can use this opportunity to be resilient and use Growth Mindset, just as we do in the classroom.  Please have them repeat; "I am good, I am strong, I am smart, and I will have a great day of learning today!"  I wish you all good health and peaceful days.

    Liberty Sponek