• Hi, I'm Miss Pollom. I hope you're ready for what may just be your best math year yet!
    I graduated from Seattle University with degrees in Mathematics, German, and Ecology. I also studied at Karl Franzens Universitaet in Graz, Austria. For graduate school, I went back to SU and got a Masters in Teaching. In 2011, I earned my National Boards certificate in Upper-Level Mathematics. I love skiing and most things outdoors. 
    Here's how to look up content while school is not in session:
    Every week, I will email all students & guardians (Everett Public Schools student email addresses and to email addresses provided by parents) telling you what the plan for the week is. I will also send you a Remind text about what is happening. 
    To sign up for remind- text @e93fg4 to 81010 if you are in Geometry and text @3gk7hc to 81010 if you are in PreCalc.
    I will put everything on OneNote too so make sure to check that! 
    Also, for all you students who have college essays to write in the next few years- this experience of not physically attending school for a very long time is what you should write about! College admissions have read an essay on every topic except this one. Make the most of your time away from school by doing something amazing; not just sitting home, watching TV and fighting with your siblings. Figure out something helpful that you can do for your friends and family (maybe even strangers) to help them cope with a stressful situation (there are lots of things you can do to interact with people without actually being physically near them), learn a new skill (cooking, a new language, sewing), start a business (I know some of you already have Etsy stores), invent something-- there are so many options! Find something that you are interested in and go for it! This is exactly the kind of thing that will make colleges say, “Wow, this kid is a real go-getter! This kid is innovative! This kid is a leader! I can’t wait to send an acceptance letter to this amazing student.” 

    Take notes on what you do, what works, what doesn’t work, and how you handle the situation so that when it comes time to write that essay, it’s basically done for you! :) 

    Good luck! Can’t wait to hear about what you think of when we get back to school!

    Sinead Pollom

    Here's a great photo of me meeting the author of your text book... it was quite the landmark event!

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