Welcome to Ms. Dorst's Class

  • Shiela Dorst         Hello!  This is my third year teaching 3rd grade at Madison.  I look forward to new learning in this year of changes.  

             Sheila Dorst


    5-28-20 Thrilling Thursday!

    Our ZOOM meeting today promises to be GREAT!  I will post the login again on our Google Classroom.  We are going to be doing our Explore More activity, or at least the beginning.  We will be listening to the book, Iggy Peck (and you can take the AR test), then after the meeting you can explore your home for things you can use to build.  I have gathered toilet paper rolls, paper, boxes, odds and ends, a straw, an empty pop bottle and more!  You will create whatever you want: a building, a robot, an animal - ANYthing!  After, you can take a picture and post it on our padlet.  Be sure you come to the meeting to find out more!  See you there!

    5-27-20  Wonderful Wednesday!

    The 3rd grade team met today with Mrs. Grinage and Mrs. Beckett.  We discussed iReady, and we wanted to let you know that your performance on iReady will be a part of your grade.  It is essential that each student spend at least 20 minutes on iReady Reading, and on iReady Math, every day.  Mrs. Overly is tracking your progress.  Grades will be completed within 3 weeks, so continue to do your very best on every assignment.  Tomorrow, we have an exciting ZOOM meeting planned.  It is focused on Math, and Science.  You will be learning how to use a virtual Geoboard to make shapes, and we will watch a YouTube video.  Our read-aloud is Iggy Peck, Architect.  After our meeting, you will be able to gather items around your home, build something (robot, house, animal) and take a picture to post to a Padlet.  You will find the login instructions  on Google Classroom.  On Friday, we have a great event for the whole school - more details will be posted after our meeting tomorrow.  I am checking Prodigy and AR today as well - have you filled out the Padlet about Math?  

    5-26-20  Tremendous Tuesday!

    Welcome back to another wonderful week of learning!  The third grade teachers are really excited about all we have planned.  You will be picking up your school belongings, but school isn't over!  The last day of school is June 19th, so we have much more time for many more awesome activities.  This week, our ELA will bring us to Pompeii, and the eruption of Mt. Vesuvius in 79AD.  We will see how the ancient city was buried, and we will compare this event with Mt. Saint Helens.  In math, you will be spending more time on iReady and on Prodigy, doing some end of the year assessments.  This will give me an idea of what you have learned this year in math - I expect great things!  Explore More will give you choices of STEAM activities you can do at home.  We will listen to a read-aloud on Iggy Peck, Architect, and you will get to build something out of materials around your home.  Come to our ZOOM meeting today at 10, and let's kick off our wonderful week!  Don't forget to check out our newsletter for this week: