Everett Public Schools moves toward 1:1 computers K-12

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    Everett Public Schools is dedicated to providing students with the highest quality education and access to technology that enriches their learning. Supported by our community, as of 2021 each and every student will have daily access to technology including a device, resources, and wireless connection. Elementary students will have a dedicated computer each school day and secondary students will be able to utilize their computers both at school and at home.
    Having access to technology is only a starting point; resources, instructional design and quality instruction will leverage technology to enrich, engage, and involve students in their learning and creativity.
    As of Fall 2019 all schools have received an increased number of computers and the following sites will be fully 1:1 student to computer ratio.
    Elementaries: Cedar Wood, Forest View, Garfield, Jackson, Jefferson, Lowell, Mill Creek, Monroe, Tambark Creek, View Ridge, Whittier
    Middle Schools: Eisenhower, Evergreen, Heatherwood
    High Schools: Cascade, Everett, Jackson, Sequoia
    K-12: Port Gardner
    Read  Everett Public Schools Integrated Technology Plan 2016-22 to understand Everett Public School’s approach to technology integration.