Listen to these chapters and continue our character journal, getting ready for the essay.


Chapter 9

  1. How was Janie affected by Joe’s’ death? Look at the quote on page 9.
  2. What did Janie change after Joe’s death? 89
  3. What does Janie discover about her feelings for her grandmother? 89
  4. Why are so many men coming to visit Janie? 90
  5. What feeling does Janie like about being single? 90


Chapter 10

  1. Why didn’t the stranger in the store go to the ball game? 95
  2. What does the stranger want to do with Janie? 95
  3. Why does Janie get so happy about checkers? 95
  4. How is the stranger different than Jody? 96
  5. What does Janie think of Tea Cake? 99